Power to the people


T-shirt kindly gifted from https://instagram.com/creativehouseuk

Nobody is on this planet is the same, yet we are all from the same human race.

My daughter was diagnosed with autism when she was 3. Parenting was definitely different to what I imagined in my head, and we have all had to adapt as a family. Saying that, we wouldn’t change a thing. S is one of the happiest children we know. She finds happiness in everything. She had taught me so much since becoming her Mum.

Whether it is sunny, raining, snowing or windy. Each day is a blessing and we can find fun in all weather.

Look for the little things. Notice the detail in life because you could be missing something amazing right in front of you!

Not to judge others by what you think you see. The people who are normally struggling are the ones who say they are ok. You never know what is going on in people’s lives.

After being non verbal for years S now will try and talk to anyone. She doesn’t judge anyone and I’ve found myself having conversations with lots of people where I wouldn’t of before. This has massively helped my confidence too.

Water is beautiful. S’s obsession with water has made me look at it in a different way. There’s nothing better than listening to the rain, on the roof and running down the windows. There is nothing more therapeutic than watching water running from cup to cup, or even from the tap.

Trust your instincts. I have never been very good at this, but I have learnt that this is one of the most important factors and when you do, everything will fall into place.

Time is a healer. No matter what struggles you are facing right now, it won’t always feel like this. Situations don’t last forever, and there are good times coming….

I hope you know little one, that you are our everything 🤍🤍🤍

T-shirt kindly gifted from https://instagram.com/creativehouseuk

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