Welcome to Our Home In Northumberland

Hello! I’m so glad you are here! I am Steph, and I live in Northumberland in a Miller Homes Jura, with my Husband, Daughter and two dogs. I thought I would start a blog as I really enjoy writing and it is a bit of an escape for me.
I started up my Instagram page posting photos of our Miller New Build in September 2019 and it has grown to 5000 followers. I absolutely love getting creative and taking photos and because I am home with my daughter anyway, it seemed natural to post pictures of our home!

I bought my first property at 19 with my now husband. Our old house was a 1970s self build so we renovated the entire thing. My husband Ben is an electrician by trade by is very practical and does plumbing and building work too, so we did everything ourselves.

Cleaning…what can I say. I just LOVE to clean! It really helps my mental health, and I’ve found my anxiety is much better since I have started my cleaning obsession!

Thanks for visiting my page

With love from Steph XX

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